Monday, March 28, 2011

Smoky Mountain Canopy Tours

At Christopher Place, we pride ourselves in creating the perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation.  We offer sweet, succulent solace at our resort, with the tranquil Tennessee scenery as a backdrop.  But for those who prefer a spike of adrenaline and a bite of excitement, for those who can only get so much “rest and relaxation” before their feet start to itch and their hands start to quiver, Canopy Tours have been popping up like crazy around here.

Canopy Tours take you into the picturesque scenery, weaving in and out of the trees via ziplines.  Some even reach the speed of 40 mph.  There's the sound of the wire, the wind, and the rushing leaves.  At Smoky Mountain Ziplines, they offer 14 different zipline courses, estimated at 2 ½ hours each, for the price of 84$ per person.

Adventure America Zipline Canopy Tours offers various zipline courses for 79$ a person, with the Pigeon River Tour at 54$ a person, and reduced prices for groups.  Both of these establishments offer tour guides who will walk you through your first experience on the ziplines.  If you feel uncomfortable with plunging down the mountainside at 40 mph, the tours through the canopy start out on gradual inclines, and slowly move to the faster courses. 

Really, we all wish we could fly.  One of our childhood dreams was that of flight.  With the right gear and the proper facility, Canopy Tours can provide you with this experience. It's just one more adventure close to the Christopher Place Resort.